If employees are the heart of a company, the payroll system is the pacemaker that keeps the heart beating. At the end of the day, the salary is the reward and a well-designed and executed payroll process is a motivation in itself. If you want to disburse paychecks in a timely manner without getting bogged down by calculations, Lion BPO offers the perfect solution.

We understand how important it is for your organization to ensure error-free payroll management. We offer innovative payroll solutions for timely processing, also offering attractive bonuses without hurting the allotted budget. Whether you are a small enterprise or a business giant with thousands of employees, we offer tailor-made solutions that fulfill your need without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Our highly-qualified and professionally-trained team of subject matter experts is efficient at handling the complexity of modern-day payroll needs. With a precise knowledge of government regulations and industry insights, we design a model best suited to your business.

By employing cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies, we ensure employee satisfaction with timely payment processing. Be it reimbursements, incentives, tax deductions or returns, we ensure complete coverage of the payroll system. Through digital timesheets and automated processing, we create a transparent, robust and reliable payroll management system for your business.

Process payroll

  • Integrated payroll processing for implementing a robust and effective payment system

  • Accurate salary calculation, best industry practices, record-keeping compliance, and tax management

Timesheet management

  • User-friendly timesheets for calculating payouts and managing efficient work delegation

  • Hourly, weekly or monthly timesheets and multi-level approvals or detailed work hour analysis for correct payments

PAYG obligation reporting

  • Easy and quick generation of annual PAYG payment summaries and statements with timely submission.

Superannuation obligation

  • Accurate computation of superannuation to employees while adhering to the latest obligations posted by the government.

  • Strategic assessments of the superannuation, making it a key attraction for recruiting and retaining talent.