Maintenance and Management

Data Migration and Optimization

here exist a number of events that cause a business to migrate data from one or more databases to another systems or destination.

So, it is required to decide a definite path for this successful migration of data from such legacy systems to a new target system such as CRM, inventory, and billing. It is also required to build a high level of data integrity before the migration. This ensures that data integrity and functionality is preserved during the migration to a new system in order to maintain high quality and achieve a successful migration.

We at Lion BPO leverage our years of telecom back office and big data experience to gather the data and the best possible ways to maintain data integrity while performing the technical migration. Our sampling and testing processes make you understand the impacts, dependencies, and risks associated with data migration plans in a better way. It also lets you understand whether or not data can be systematically migrated.

Using a well-defined sequence of steps, our engineering method examines the application pool to

  • establish the current perimeter and functions,
  • establish the intervention points and the realms of optimization
  • identify the preparatory actions to improve the performances

You can now easily move from legacy platforms to new platforms or include new storage paradigms like flash and move data from site to site with our services that enable non-disruptive migration in heterogeneous environments. We are quick, reliable, and ensure non-disruptive movement of data without downtime


Server Maintenance

Your server is in need of regular maintenance and tuning to deliver the results as required. At Lion BPO, we provide a complete service that involves monitoring, protecting and tuning your servers. You can now focus more on the product and we will keep the supporting hardware & software functioning effectively.

With the use of top-notch software, we provide monitoring services for your server 24 X 7. Our notification system in place notifies us whenever the system reaches any critical state or if a service is down. This way our engineers get into action to resolve it.

You can keep the system up-to-date while we protect your application and server from threats and attacks. We watch the system with security updates for OS and Applications and make a choice to install them, with safety that doesn’t break any application.

Delivering nothing but the best

We deliver secure & customized server support across the country at a very reasonable price. Our expert engineers are trained and experienced to manage any type including the data server, communication server, file server with a minimum response time. We offer enormous services when it comes to server support involving set up & security management, user management, server backup, server upgradation, monitoring and data management.

With a vast experience in planning and designing crucial IT Infrastructure environments for all kinds of enterprises, we have been following best practices while maintaining the industry standard for IT management. This ensures that we build a solid foundation for our customers with server backup and firewall protection.